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when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police to question the alleged perpetrators without delay;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police immediately to search the homes of those named for corroborative evidence;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to seize and examine the computers of those named at the earliest opportunity;

when allegations of rape are supported by evidence from well-respected medical and psychological experts who unanimously confirm not only that systematic abuse has taken place, but go so far as to name two of the most likely perpetrators, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe it right to dismiss their testimony and allow those named to leave the country;

when a school doctor twice reports an under-age girl to be at risk, and that girl’s headmaster - one of those subsequently named as a serial rapist - consistently fails to alert the child’s mother or to take any steps to protect her, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe this to be the normal behaviour of a responsible, and guiltless, person;

when a case of rape is reported by a girl with speech difficulties, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to supply her with support during police interviews, but are happy to use her handicap, in this respect, to discredit her spoken evidence;

when a case of repeated multiple gang rape over many years is reported by a young girl who also names seven fellow victims, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe that, in view of the Scottish law regarding corroboration, it is absolutely essential that the police question those she has named immediately.

When an acknowledged victim of rape receives a substantial award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, you, as representative of the Crown Office, feel justified in continuing to maintain that the allegations on which this award was based were fully investigated and found to be false.


The document produced by the Police Complaints Commission for Scotland included the lines. "The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that X was sexually abused, and that this has included penetration of her private parts. Given that X, because of her disabilities, has been closely supervised throughout her life, the perpetrator is most likely to have been someone close to her who had regular, unsupervised access.”


Re Alex Salmond's non-compliance with the Information Commissioner until threatened with criminal proceedings: in Scotland's only independent law magazine, The Firm, 11 July 2011, we read: 'Last month the Scottish Ministers were compelled by the Information Commissioner to address a series of questions put to the First Minister in correspondence in relation to the (Hollie Greig) case in January this year, the first of which was: “When did you first become aware of the allegations made by Hollie Greig about her being abused by members of a high-ranking paedophile ring in Scotland?” The commissioner required the Scottish Ministers to respond by today’s date or risk being held in contempt of court.' A letter to Robert Green from the Information Commissioner dated 10 April 2014 states: 'I am writing in response to your letter of 6 April 2014 ... in which you asked for the date on which the Commissioner issued the decision referenced in the Firm Magazine's articles. The Commissioner's decision was issued on 26 May 2011.' It was not until they were under threat of criminal proceedings that the First Minister's Office came up with an answer, saying it was impossible to give a date, since all the relevant records had been lost. However, the magazine goes on to say, 'The Firm has seen correspondence from the Crown Office dated 23 July 2009 addressed to the Greig family’s lay representative Robert Green, which suggests that correspondence addressed to the First Minister outlining the allegations was received over two years ago.' Re the likely validity of Hollie Greig's claims, The Firm writes, 'Greig received a payout of £13,500 from the criminal injuries compensation authority, and was described by Detective Inspector Iain Allen of Grampian Police as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.” ' Ample expert witness statements from respected police and medical professionals, including Hollie's school doctor, back up her allegations. Of 22 persons named by Hollie as abusers, only two (her father and her brother) have ever been even superficially questioned by the police. Even though her father and brother were described in a police report as having 'a predilection for very young girls', they were allowed to go abroad to Portugal, where they run a business connected called 'Daisy Chain' which involves frequent travel to and from South America. The implication of the Crown Office's claim that 'a thorough investigation has taken place' is, therefore, that a thorough investigation does not require those accused by an acknowledged victim to be interrogated, nor does it require their computers to be seized or their homes searched before despoliation of evidence occurs.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Dame Pauffley - Hollie Greig Connection

The Dame Pauffley - Hollie Greig Connection

‘Hollie & her mother eventually moved away from the area and one could be forgiven for thinking this would be an end to their problems. Well think again.
Having moved to England, to the county of Shropshire, Ann and her legal helper Robert Greene relentlessly pushed for the truth to come out, and this led to Shropshire council filing a case against Ann Greig & Robert Greene to intervene on Hollies behalf because they claimed she was a vulnerable person being unduly coerced into attending public meetings and tell her story.
Ian Wise QC, working on behalf of the Greigs, appealed a decision by the one and only Dame Anna Evelyn Hamilton Pauffley to make Anne Greig & Robert Green subject to Injunctions threatening prison if they took Hollie to further public meetings. Mrs Justice Pauffley also invited the Official Solicitor to represent Hollie, and to make enquiries into whether Hollie has capacity to litigate or consent to the campaign, by instructing a disputed psychiatrist.’
Read more: The Dame Pauffley – Hollie Greig Connection


PE teacher, 32, who begged an ex-pupil to send him a photo of herself wearing just a football shirt and long socks is banned from teaching 

  • Christopher Tinsley was struck off for three years because of the messages
  • He told the 18-year-old that there was 'nothing sexier' than a Charlton FC shirt
  • He urged the former pupil to admit that she had a 'soft spot' for him 
Christopher Tinsley has been banned from teaching for three years
Christopher Tinsley has been banned from teaching for three years
A PE teacher has been banned for asking a teenager to send him pictures of her wearing just a Charlton Athletic shirt and long socks.
One of the messages from Christopher Tinsley, who was a department head in Kent, said there was 'nothing sexier' than a Charlton shirt.
And he urged the former pupil, who had just turned 18, to admit she had a 'soft spot' for him, while also sending her a semi naked picture of himself.
He wrote to her on Instagram: 'For me there is nothing sexier then (sic) a Charlton shirt. You wanna see me smile, send me a picture of you in your Charlton shirt and long socks!!!! Nothing sexier!!! X x x x.'
Another message read:  ‘Have you ever fancied me? Even a little? X x x’, and ‘Is it really that hard to admit you have a soft spot for me?!! I clearly have one for you. X x’.
Tinsley, 32, also wrote: “You are a gorgeous young woman...I mean that...And I always felt that you and if (sic) had some sort of connection...And I guess it was just nice to feel wanted...Even though it shouldn’t. x x.”
He also send a photo of himself ‘semi-naked’ wearing just a towel around his waist to the teenager, which he claimed he did because Pupil A said she wanted to see his tattoos.
The shamed teacher told the teenager there was 'nothing sexier' than a Charlton Athletic shirt
The shamed teacher told the teenager there was 'nothing sexier' than a Charlton Athletic shirt
He began working as a PE teacher at the Brockhill Park Performing Arts College in Hythe, Kent, in 2007 and was promoted to head of PE in 2013.
But during his time at the school, he made ‘inappropriate contact’ with a former pupil, referred to as Pupil, who had just left school in 2015.
A professional conduct panel at the National College for Teaching and Leadership barred him from teaching for three years.
The hearing was also told that allegations of Mr Tinsley patting Pupil A’s bottom with a clipboard when she was in Year 9 - around 14 years old - and calling her beautiful were ‘not proven’.
The panel heard how Mr Tinsley, of Ashford, Kent, was first quizzed about his conduct towards the pupil in October 2015 and that he was suspended from the school in November 2015, before resigning soon after.
The hearing found last week that the PE teacher ‘failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries’ and had made ‘inappropriate contact’ with Pupil A - and that his conduct was ‘sexually motivated’.
He was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and banned from teaching for three years at the hearing earlier this month, which has just been published by the National College for Teaching and Leadership.
The panel ruled: 'The panel is satisfied that the conduct of Mr Tinsley fell significantly short of the standards expected of the profession because the messages from Mr Tinsley were sent not long after Pupil A left the school.
'The nature and content of the messages to an under 18 year old rendered this misconduct of a serious nature. The panel found Mr Tinsley’s behaviour towards Pupil A, was sexually motivated.
'Mr Tinsley had a duty of care to Pupil A even though she was a former pupil at that time.
'The panel further finds that Mr Tinsley’s conduct amounts to both unacceptable professional conduct and conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute.' 

CATHY FOX CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children by Sue Arrigo MD

CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children by Sue Arrigo MD

More from Sue Arrigo on Child Abuse and the CIA – c. <June 2007 CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children also available here Page 1 [1] Page 2 [2]
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The other articles already published on this blog by Sue Arrigo are
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CIA – DIA Mind Control & Sex Slavery of Children 

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” — J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI.
As a survivor of torture in the United States, I am a California physician with over forty years of recurrent torture and continuous enslavement by CIA and US military agencies.
My father was a US military advisor, a “counterinsurgency specialist,” in Korea and Taiwan. Many of the children, like myself, who were trained as child spies by the US government had fathers in the military.
As unbelievable as it sounds, the documentation that the US used American children as mind-controlled spies against their will is quite extensive (See “MKULTRA : The CIA’s Top Secret Program in Human Experimentation and Behavior Modification” by George Andrews. [ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0961647582/sr=8-1-fkmr0/qid=1490195817/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1490195817&sr=8-1-fkmr0 ]
Or see an online overview of MKULTRA at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MKULTRA [ http://web.archive.org/web/20070704111747/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MKULTRA or recent http://web.archive.org/web/20170320153709/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra%5D)
“In 1951, the CIA decided to coordinate efforts with the US Army, Navy, and Air Force, and Project Artichoke was born.
A 1952 memorandum describes its mission as follows: Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature such as self-preservation?” (Pg 128 “Psychiatry and the CIA” by Harvey M. Weinstein, MD) [ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Psychiatry-CIA-Victims-Mind-Control/dp/0880483636/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490198974&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=Psychiatry+and+the+CIA%22+by+Harvey+M.+Weinstein%2C+MD ]
“In a May 13, 1968 article in the Providence Evening Bulletin 31, Estabrooks is described as a former consultant for the FBI and CIA, and is quoted as saying that, “the key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multi-personality, with the aid of hypnotism.This is not science fiction. This has and is being done. I have done it. ” (pg. 162.)
The Canadian psychiatrist Colin Ross, MD had a number of mind control survivors as patients.
After he received 15,000 pages of CIA documents under a Freedom of Information Act Request he concluded that, alas, his patients were telling him the truth.
See his book “BLUEBIRD: the deliberate creation of multipersonality disorder by psychiatrists”
Therapist Valerie Wolf brought two of her patients with similar memories to mine to testify before President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments in Washington, D.C. to testify on Mind Control Experimentation on Children.
She wrote to that Committee “In preparation for my testimony at these hearings, I called nearly 40 therapists across the country to find out what they knew about the link between radiation and mind control and to get what other therapists were seeing in clients who had been used in mind control experiments… therapists across the country are finding clients who have been subjected to mind control techniques. The consistency of their stories about the purpose of the mind control and torture techniques, such as electric shock, use of hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, spinning, hypnosis, dislocation of limbs and sexual abuse is remarkable.
“There is almost nothing published on this aspect of mind control used with children, and these clients come from all over the country, having had no contact with each other…We need the glare of publicity to stop the continuing harassment of people who were subjects in mind control experiments. [See more of the testimony online at http://www.tulanelink.com/mind/testimony_04a.htm ]
A radio station in Toronto ran a year-long series on mind control, interviewing experts and survivors, the transcripts of which can be viewed at http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/radio/ckln-hm.htm
[ http://web.archive.org/web/20051125153037/http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/radio/ckln-hm.htm ]
[ http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/radio/*  ]
There has been a systemic campaign of disinformation by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to discredit people having recovered memories of trauma based mind control.
Dr. Ross in “Bluebird” shows that most of the people on that Foundation are CIA researchers engaged in mind control research. (see appendix)[?]
Project MKULTRA alone in the late 1950’s used 80 institutions of higher learning to do the research.
Dr. Ewen Cameron, a mind control researcher for the CIA, was head of the American and Canadian Psychiatry and Psychology Associations. Dr. Cameron’s experiments in causing amnesia and mind control at Allen Memorial Hospital associated with McGill University in Toronto left patients near vegetables.
It was not just that a patient could not remember who her husband was, she no longer knew what a husband was. It took one victim 2 years to figure out how to cook an egg afterwards.
When 9 Canadians brought suit the CIA settled out of court for $750.000 in order to avoid admitting responsibility for these atrocious crimes committed against innocent civilians in peacetime.
(See Psychiatrist Harvey Weinstein’s “The CIA and Psychiatry”)  [ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Psychiatry-CIA-Victims-Mind-Control/dp/0880483636/ref=sr_1_1_twi_har_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490199165&sr=8-1&keywords=HARVEY+WEINSTEIN+-+Psychiatry+and+the+CIA%3A+Victims+of+Mind+Control ]
Addressing the issue of whether memories recovered after trauma are accurate, law professor Scheflin in “Ground Lost: The False Memory/Recovered Memory Therapy Debate” (www.psychiatrictimes.com/p991137.html) [ http://web.archive.org/web/20020819234137/http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/p991137.html ] notes that all memories are recovered and that the three relevant studies on the matter show that post traumatic memories are as accurate as regular memories; namely details may be wrong but the memories are remarkably accurate for the gist of the events.
Thus he concludes that for the purposes of the courts, all memories should be treated the same—as eye-witness testimony.
(Also see the tome Brown D, Scheflin AW, Hammond DC (1998), “Memory, Trauma Treatment, and the Law”
Scheflin is a professor of law at Santa Clara University School of Law in Santa Clara, Calif.)
Starting at age ten I was sent into the USSR as a street child to spy.
In WWI, Germany arrested parents and told their children to go into Russia as street children and report back on railway troop movement, failure to return with the required information would result in the parent’s torture or execution.
[ See http://english.pravda.ru/main/2002/11/27/40030.html ].
[ http://web.archive.org/web/20030218000603/http://english.pravda.ru/main/2002/11/27/40030.html ]
I did my assignments under the same threats and had been tortured by the CIA and DIA since I was 3 to 4 years old using electroshocks, drugs, cold, sleep deprivation, and deprivation of food and even water.
For decades all of my spare time during so-called vacations was spent on CIA assignment that I was forced into.
Later as an adult, if I had a partner, I was forced to break up with him, under the threat that he would be killed, if I refused.
None of my life was truly my own.
At a moment’s notice I would have to make excuses and go off on an espionage assignment.
My work as a doctor had to be part-time and flexible. Most of my work involved going into the Soviet Union to assess their nuclear missile arsenals, as well as to garner related documents.
It was very dangerous work and I was tortured on more than one occasion by the KGB as well. I was also tortured by the CIA in the basement of their HQs for failing to force a KGB official, Konstantinov, in New York City in 1983 to become an agent for the CIA as a “double agent”.
My memory was later confirmed by an old newspaper account of Konstantinov expelled from New York as a KGB spy in 1983.
At the time, I was an occupational medical resident at Columbia University and already extremely overworked and sleep deprived from being on-call.
The CIA was unwilling to hear any reasons for failing at an assignment. I was last tortured by the US government in August of 2004 for refusing an assignment.
I was living in Virginia within commuting distance of CIA HQs at the time. In this instance, I was approached directly by Dick Cheney of the White House who wanted the assignment to be off the record because he feared leaks within the CIA.
I was given the assignment to go to Iran as a doctor “volunteering” to treat Iranian children as a humanitarian gesture.
A TV crew would “happen by” and start filming, then in would rush a CIA agent of Iranian features announcing he knew of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons development lab in an underground bunker.
I was told that the rest of the filming with that agent and myself would occur in Hollywood with a mock up of said weapon’s lab. It would be a made for TV news propaganda piece like in the movie “Wag the Dog”.
When I refused to do the assignment on the grounds that it was immoral, he threatened my mother’s life. Since my mother had recently told me to not to give my torturers demands, even if she paid for it with her life, I held to my “no.”
Within a week I was taken hostage, drugged, raped and tortured for 4 days. I overheard the men who raped me talking about their duties guarding the same White House official who had given me the Iranian assignment.
They said that if I ever talked that I would be locked up in a mental ward, drugged, tied down and raped nightly. While being injected one of my torturers said, “With this in your blood, baby, no one will ever believe a word you say.”
The standard CIA “cocktail” is a long lasting hallucinogen, like BZ (see http://www.levity.com/aciddreams/samples/bz.html), [ http://web.archive.org/web/20070208053142/http://www.levity.com/aciddreams/samples/bz.html ] with an amphetamine to prevent sleep, and indeed I had a sudden severe problem with insomnia.
Within days I was thrown into a mental hospital against my will and told again that I might never get out to make the threat credible.
Fortunately, as a Christian Science believer I was given no medications at the hospital and managed to get out after the 5-day observation period because the medical doctor recognized my symptoms as sleep deprivation and metabolic imbalance.
The threat that I would be thrown into a mental facility for the rest of my life, drugged up and tied down still exists and could be executed.
And that is in spite of the fact that I have never attempted suicide, and never will as it is against my religious convictions. Russ Tice, an NSA analyst who blew the whistle on US domestic spying was similarly thrown in a mental hospital to give him a record of being “crazy”.
According to CIA documents quoted in Bluebird this is the standard procedure that the CIA uses to discredit people or even to “dispose” of them by throwing away the key.
Had I actually been crazy, I never could have held a stable job as a medical director in California for 14 years.
I coped with severe torture by using a skill called dissociative denial, which is the opposite of making things up. The treatment for it is not drugs, it is telling the truth about what really happened, instead of pretending that it didn’t happen.

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Abraham Lincoln
Before the American Catholic Church was exposed as being a haven for pedophilic priests, no one would have believed that priests could molest children in large numbers and not be caught for it.
We now know differently; the Catholic Church has paid out millions of dollars in settlements to the victims. That was an abuse that went uncorrected for decades until finally some of the victims were believed.
When the dust settled it turned out that there were many more victims than anyone had expected. Yet few people know that that network of priests were linked to pedophilic American politicians.
The politicians had more ability to cover up their crimes. They were in a position to halt police and FBI investigations. They had the political influence to kill major news exposes of it.
And they had the money and power to buy up and order destroyed all the copies of a TV documentary called Conspiracy of Silence hours before it was to air. Only one poor quality copy survived.
But survive it did and you can watch it and judge for yourself the facts of the matter. (See webcast video: “Conspiracy of Silence,” the Franklin cover-up video, by xx (Tuesday March 04, 2003) [RealVideo: stream with RealPlayer]
[ http://sf.indymedia.org/uploads/conspiracyofsilence56k.ram, http://sf.indymedia.org/uploads/conspiracyofsilence56k.rm ]
or RM file (33.3 megabytes, [MB]) of same video in a higher resolution format for downloading: http://sf.indymedia.org/uploads/conspiracyofsilence2.wmv .It is also available online at http://www.911busters.com/911_new_video_productions/ listed under the title “Pedophilic Politicians”. Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994.
[ http://web.archive.org/web/20050504063659/http://911busters.com/911_new_video_productions/ ]
[ http://web.archive.org/web/20051126010357/http://911busters.com/911_new_video_productions/ ]
[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBSIDQt5Dwc ]
Researched and documented by a British journalistic team who came to the United States just for the story, it was censored at the last minute.
This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. http://www.indybay.org/news/2002/10/1538670_comment.php [ http://web.archive.org/web/20071031102919/http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2002/10/24/15386701.php  ]
The former CIA director [Colby] acknowledged to Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp that the scenario described in the documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, is real, which tells of a sex ring that had links to political conservatives in Washington D.C.
Not long thereafter Colby turned up dead under suspicious circumstances.
John DeCamp has since authored “The Franklin Coverup.” This all came to public view on the morning of June 29, 1989, when the Washington Times headline was “Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of White House” [ http://educate-yourself.org/tg/franklincoverupexcerptwashtimesphoto.shtml ]
Dr. Dekov states that the former FBI Director Louis Freeh killed Colby.
Dr.Dekov states that he is a witness.
Dr.Dekov has alarmed President Bush, US Senators and the Supreme Court of the USA for the murder.
In 2005, Dr.Dekov presented to the International Criminal Court at The Hague a set of documents concerning the killing of Colby by the FBI Director Louis Freeh.
See * The Ames-Colby story. From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Colby [ http://web.archive.org/web/20070926094900/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Colby ]
Although the story of a kidnapped 9 year-old paperboy, Johnny Gosch, is not mentioned on that video, it should be mentioned here (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Gosch for more details). [ http://web.archive.org/web/20071128155254/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Gosch ]
Paul Bonacci later won a million dollar lawsuit against one of his abusers, a Republican National Committee go-getter, who procured children for prostitution for their after- parties.
The Washington Post carried a full front page exposé titled “Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensares VIPs with Reagan, Bush”, (June 29, 1989) (See photo of front page at http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/01/309481.shtml). [ http://web.archive.org/web/20170320124449/http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/01/309481.shtml ]
Then the story was killed. Who had the motive and the power to do that? There are several adult survivors that have written books about their being used by the White House as sex slaves, both as children or young adults.
In fact, there were so many sex slaves made for that purpose by the CIA as mind control subjects that they were given the title of “Presidential Models”.
(See Brice Taylor’s book Thank You for the Memories for one such example. A radio interview of her can be read online for free at http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/radio/ckln-hm.htm CKLN42A.tx  [Link not available nor archive, Book available http://archive.is/7Za1i  or [ pdf download Thanks for the Memories pdf  ]
Sue Arrigo, MD California Medical License G 50197
Former member of the AFIO (Association of Former Intelligence Officers)
My cover was blown within international intelligence organizations over 5 years ago.
Only the public has been kept in the dark, as per usual.
I am a non-violent activist, currently attending the UN Disarmament Conference as an indepedent observer to protest the US’s first strike pre-emptive war policy.
http://www.geocities.com/intuitivemd/  [ http://web.archive.org/web/20091026213631/http://geocities.com/intuitivemd/ ]
Let me say a little about my own background. As a native-born US child and daughter of an undercover intelligence officer, I was forced into intelligence operations.
A congressional hearing exposed a CIA interrogation experiment on the drugged clients of prostitutes, headed by George Hunter White, at the San Francisco Safe House [See MKULTRA : The CIA’s Top Secret Program in Human Experimentation and Behavior Modification by George Andrews or view the 1977 Congressional Hearings on MKULTRA online at http://www.parascope.com/ds/documentslibrary/documents/mkultrahearing/index.htm . [ http://web.archive.org/web/20090814215823/http://www.parascope.com/ds/documentslibrary/documents/mkultrahearing/index.htm ]
This is one of the places I was trained at the age of 9 in 1961.
The CIA did not the tell most of the truth at what happened at that “Safe House” that was anything but safe for children.
But it did confirm my written memories as to its location, décor, prostitution, the expensive alcoholic habits of George Hunter White, and the LSD experiments and the filming for of the johns.
Later, White would say of his job: “I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”
(See http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=481520) [ http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=481520 ]
MKULTRA was a joint CIA-DIA project to train children as spies and assassins, as is documented in CIA files released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
As a child in this project, I was tortured and threatened with the death of my mother to force me to comply. The torture was extensive, with episodes lasting weeks and repeated over many years.
It included sleep deprivation, chronic cold exposure, deprivation of food, disorienting drugs, mock executions, and electroshocks to mouth and vaginal areas.
In short it was unbelievable hell.
It was done in conjunction with psychiatrists as mind control and to spilt my consciousness into a multiple personality, in which they would have control of all the personalities except the cover one.
Other survivors also report the systematic use of torture (see U.S. Government Mind-Control Experiments On Children by Jon Rappoport or (www.movingon.org/article.asp?sID=1&Cat=10&ID=1518) [ http://web.archive.org/web/20070429043451/http://www.movingon.org/article.asp?sID=1&Cat=10&ID=1518 ]
[ http://web.archive.org/web/20130311130947/http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/History/e1950/mkultra/Hearing05.htm ]
My torturers under this project included three military officers trained in brainwashing techniques by the Pentagon.
One of these was my father, although most of the years I was tortured he was not present.
As an adult my father told me he had been trained at the Pentagon in brainwashing, so this is not just the memory of a child here.
My father was in the Korean War as a US Army Officer (probably in the DIA), and involved in a torture scandal there.
My father also told me in detail tortures he and other military officers had done in Korea, to frighten me.
The US govt. had an officially approved project to torture US children to force them into spying – MKULTRA and related projects.
Many survivors report the same type of torture as I remember.
Since there have been so many different survivor’s accounts remembered independently, all in agreement as to the methods used, there is no longer room for reasonable doubt that the US government engaged in the sexual torture of innocent American children.
(See survivors’ accounts —
“A Nation Betrayed” by Carol Ruiz,
“Unshackled” by Kathleen Sullivan,
“Secret Weapons” by Cheryl Hersha,
“Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor,
and the talks by experts and survivors at CKLN-FM Mind Control Series
(http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/radio/ckln-hm.htm) [ http://web.archive.org/web/20051124165856/http://mindcontrolforums.com/radio/ckln-hm.htm ]
For more information see the UNICEF site on children of war at
http://www.unicef.org/sowc96/ciwcont.htm , [ http://web.archive.org/web/20070630141237/http://www.unicef.org/sowc96/ciwcont.htm ]
or a radio broadcast on Children of War at http://www.warchildren.org/ , [ http://web.archive.org/web/20070701074041/http://www.warchildren.org/ ]
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CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children Page 1 [1] Page 2 [2]
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Nude awakening: Scots warned against sharing saucy snaps in government campaign featuring….a NAKED woman 

  • Their intimate areas are covered up by police tape which says 'crime scene' 
  • Under a law passed last year, revenge porn is punishable by five years in jail 
  • The campaign is organised in partnership with Women's Aid and Rape Crisis 
Scots have been warned not to send explicit pictures of others in a bid to tackle 'revenge porn' in a government campaign featuring naked models.
In the saucy pictures, a man and a woman are pictured without any clothes, with police tape covering their intimate areas.
The tape reads: 'Crime scene. Share intimate images without consent and you could get five years in prison.'
A Scottish government is warning people not to share intimate pictures of other people in a campaign featuring a naked man and woman
The models' intimate areas are covered by police tape reading 'crime scene'
A Scottish government is warning people not to share intimate pictures of other people in a campaign featuring a naked man and woman. The models' intimate areas are covered by police tape reading 'crime scene'
The campaign aims to stop people sharing pictures of other people maliciously. 
Under a law passed last year, people caught sharing 'revenge porn' could face up to five years behind bars.
The move comes in response to a growing problem as easy access to devices like smart phones means pictures and videos taken intended to be private can be more easily shared publicly on social media. 
The Scottish government campaign has been organised with groups including Women's Aid, Rape Crisis Scotland and Police Scotland.  
Scottish Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said: 'Too many people are suffering because pictures of them are being shared online'
Scottish Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said: 'Too many people are suffering because pictures of them are being shared online'
Scottish Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said: 'Disclosing private images can be extremely cruel and degrading, and can cause fear and alarm. 
'Sharing, or threatening to share, such images can also be used in a highly abusive and manipulative way to seek to control a partner or ex-partner. 
'Too many people are suffering because pictures of them, that they believed were only for a trusted person to see, are being shared online. 
'Through this campaign and, working with the police and others, I'm determined to drive home the message that there is no place for victimisation like this in a modern Scotland and that those who think otherwise will soon face the full force of the law.'
Sandy Brindley of Rape Crisis Scotland said:'Sharing or threatening to share intimate images of someone without their consent is a serious violation and can be devastating to individuals targeted. 
'This behaviour has emerged increasingly in recent years as a factor in sexually abusive behaviour, and in highlighting it as a serious criminal offence which will attract a substantial penalty this legislation is an important and necessary development.'


Kenny MacAskill: Case for independence needs a proper answer to currency question

Delegates in buoyant mood after Nicola Sturgeon's keynote speech at the SNP conference. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Delegates in buoyant mood after Nicola Sturgeon's keynote speech at the SNP conference. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

There’s an old saying that a week is a long time in politics. The past seven days has shown that to be the case in Scotland, as elsewhere. The SNP spring conference gathered in Aberdeen last weekend. What might have been anticipated as being a challenging event for the party leadership instead became a rallying call for the party faithful.

Media focus on domestic issues like health and education, where many challenges exist, was supplanted by coverage of the First Minister’s response to the rejection of a second independence referendum. From being on the back foot defending their actions or inactions, they found themselves on the front foot condemning the intransigence of the UK government.
Without the intervention of Theresa May and her Scottish acolytes, the SNP conference would still have seen the party celebrating a historic third Holyrood victory last May and looking forward with some optimism to further success in May’s council elections. However, the SNP administration in Holyrood has been more noted recently for difficulties and defeats than for significant legislative progress. Some of that is understandable, being a minority administration and with opponents flexing new-found muscle. Other issues should, though, have been avoided.
Moreover, though there’s been a lot of rhetoric, there’s been far less legislative action. Welcome progress on tackling gender and sexual equality hasn’t been matched by significant steps in addressing income inequality.
Accordingly, both defending the domestic policy agenda from media criticism and holding back wilder elements of the membership from insisting on a referendum now were the requirements. They wouldn’t have been easy but the party was given a “get out of jail” card by Theresa May through her rejection of a second referendum.
In one fell swoop the issue became not the failures, justified or otherwise, of the SNP and Scottish Government but the intransigence of Theresa May and the unionists. Many, while neither supporting a referendum nor even independence, will see not just an absence of democracy in its refusal, but hypocrisy in its justification. A Tory party with one MP in Scotland and which polled less than 40 per cent in the UK election is in no position to lecture another with significantly more representatives in both Holyrood and Westminster.
However, more damaging for the unionist cause than the underlying hypocrisy is the substantive handling of the issue. It has taken the spotlight off the SNP administration at Holyrood. Moreover, the difficulties faced in holding an early referendum with the state of the economy and the future currency for Scotland are luckily avoided when still unprepared.
Instead the SNP finds itself buoyed by a righteousness in the face of British intransigence. Talk of the duty to adhere to the democratic outcome of the Brexit vote “sticks in the craw” of many minded of the EU referendum result in Scotland. That’s compounded by the clear mandate sought by the SNP in their Holyrood manifesto, as opposed to the absence of anything for a post-Brexit Britain.
Rather than strengthening the union, the position of Theresa May is weakening it. At the last referendum for many, as well as the uncertainty entailed in a Yes vote, a No vote offered stability and solidarity. There’s been little of the former shown in recent actions and even less of the latter offered by the direction taken, as sterling plummets and jobs are threatened.
However, the case for independence still needs to be made and doubts on currency and the economy still need to be dispelled. For many, last time it sounded too good to be true. For sure, opportunities arise but fears also need to be assuaged. ‘It won’t be easy but it can be done’ is a more realistic message for many, than the promised land awaiting.
In many ways, though, the challenge has been aided by Brexit. Last time, leaving the UK was a sail into uncharted waters. Now staying in the UK is equally so, and the direction of travel to a low-tax, low-wage, low-regulation society isn’t welcomed by many.
The currency, though, needs to be addressed. The unwillingness to comment is damaging. Last time the UK’s denial of a currency union in some form was a lie that wasn’t anticipated. Statements by the governor of the Bank of England since then have shown that had there been a Yes vote, arrangements would have been made. Those of us in the Yes campaign knew that was the case before the governor subsequently confirmed it, though I also recall a strange tale from the campaign.
A taxi driver told me why he was voting Yes. He’d picked up a Chinese businessman, here to visit the First Minister, who asked him how he was voting. The driver answered that his heart said Yes but he had doubts on currency. The passenger had been playing golf with the former Bank of England governor, Mervyn King. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said, ‘Mervyn says you can have the pound and a thistle on it if you want.’ I actually checked and the driver’s visitor had indeed been in town to see the FM, and was a significant individual. A currency union or arrangement was necessary for the rest of the UK, as much as Scotland.
Options need to be spelled out and a debate allowed to take place, whether a sterling arrangement, a Scottish pound or even the euro. Given May’s actions in denying an early vote, there’s no immediate need to spell out a final choice. It’s still a critical issue but the collapse of the pound lessens it in some ways.
So there’s work to be done for the independence campaign, but equally cause for concern for the unionists. Indications that for many down south Brexit matters more than the union should be troubling. If the strategic interests of the new British Empire no longer need Scotland, they’ll abandon their Scottish unionist friends. In Ireland in 1922, the IRA hadn’t won a military victory, but the British lost the will to fight. As the Brexiteers seek their new horizons beyond Europe, abandoning Scotland might well suit them.


I gave my little boy CANNABIS to help cure his cancer: Mother reveals how her teenage son who was given days to live made a miracle recovery when she gave him the drug behind his doctors' backs

  • Deryn Blackwell had been diagnosed with two forms of cancer
  • He was in severe pain and had become addicted to morphine
  • In 2013 the boy, then aged 14, was moved to a hospice and expected to die
  • His parents decided to give him cannabis to ease the pain
  • Since taking the drug, Deryn, now 17, has made a miracle recovery 
  • His mother, Callie Blackwell, has revealed his astounding story in a new book
The pain was getting worse. The tips of my son Deryn’s fingers were hard and black from a superbug infection. His nails were peeling away and any remaining live flesh was covered in weeping sores.
Every day, he begged me: ‘Please tell them to cut my hand off, Mum. I can’t take this any more.’
Deryn was nauseous and, worse, had become addicted to his anti-sickness drugs. He was allowed a dose every seven to eight hours but within an hour of being given some, he would press the buzzer to call the nurses back in.
One in 7 Billion: Deryn Blackwell begins his hospital ordeal aged 10
One in 7 Billion: Deryn Blackwell begins his hospital ordeal aged 10
‘When can I have my cyclizine?’ he would ask. ‘It’s the only thing that helps with the pain. It makes me feel safe. It doesn’t hurt for a little while, just long enough to forget about it. Then it all comes back again.’
If he was told to wait, Deryn would get angry and aggressive, like someone hooked on heroin. I had known drug addicts and, just weeks short of his 14th birthday, my son was ticking all the same boxes.
We couldn’t sit by and watch him spend his last days in a morphine fog. Enough was enough. So I went into the city and purchased a vaporiser pen – specialist equipment for inhaling an illegal drug…
Deryn had suffered enough. In 2010, when he was just ten years old, he had been diagnosed with leukaemia.
Eighteen months later, he was told he had a secondary cancer, the extremely rare Langerhans cell sarcoma. Only 50 cases have ever been recorded and only five people in the world currently have it. But no one had ever been found to have the two cancers combined, making Deryn unique. One boy in seven billion people.
By 2013, after nearly four years of hospital treatment, it seemed that the only thing left for him were opiate drugs to ease the pain as he reached the end of his life.
Like any mother would be, I was desperate to find something to alleviate his suffering.
I spent hour after hour researching on the internet, and that’s where I came across reports of a substance called Bedrocan, a cannabis-based painkiller that wasn’t available in the UK. Surely Bedrocan had to be a better option than mind-numbing morphine?
But the doctor told me that while it was effective, it had not been tested on children and she couldn’t prescribe it.
And so we took a decision that will horrify many parents reading this – and horrified me, too.
After all, I’d never seen anything positive come of smoking cannabis, and in my days working in nightclubs, illegal drugs had been my enemy. But if it could help my darling boy escape his daily torment, I was willing to try it.
Now we had to find some cannabis and then work out how to make the liquid that could ease Deryn’s pain.
Simon, my husband, arranged to meet someone at a nearby service station to collect some. The whole experience was frightening.
Cannabis was a class B drug, which carried a sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment for possession, and up to 14 years for supplying to another person.
We had seen news reports on TV about parents who had had their children taken away from them after trying alternatives such as cannabis. I hadn’t forgotten one doctor’s words to me about my child being made a ward of court if we went against traditional treatment methods.
If either of us were to get into trouble over this, Simon wanted it to be him. And he took responsibility for the operation. He wasn’t going to allow anyone to take me away from the children just for alleviating Deryn’s suffering.
Deryn smiles with his mother Callie and father Simon in 2013
Deryn smiles with his mother Callie and father Simon in 2013
Back at the hospital, meanwhile, our son’s latest bone marrow transplant had failed. Staff were giving up on him. It seemed Deryn’s death was a done deal and now all we could do was wait until he drew his final breath. If there was no improvement in two weeks, he would be placed in palliative care.
If ever I needed a sign to get a grip on myself, this was it. I had to remain positive, no matter what the doctors were telling me.
After further research, I discovered we needed to buy a rice cooker and vegetable glycerine to make the ‘tincture’ suitable for the vaporiser pen. The house stank to the heavens as Simon experimented with the infusion.
Deryn, of course, was excited to be trying it with the blessing of his mum and dad, but I felt anxious at the prospect of my son’s underage and illegal drug use, especially as we were in hospital.
After drawing the curtains so that no one could see through the window, Simon handed the filled pen over to Deryn. We felt like naughty schoolkids who were having a sneaky cigarette around the back of the bike sheds.
Deryn sucked on the pen, breathed in and blew out a massive cloud of vapour – and we frantically waved our hands around trying to disperse it, although there wasn’t the smell of cannabis. It smelt more like popcorn. After ten minutes, Deryn said that the pain had decreased a little and he felt more relaxed – the words we had been longing to hear.
He took the honey-like liquid - and the pain stopped 
Alas, his condition continued to worsen. By December 2013, Deryn had moved out of hospital and into a hospice, where he planned his own funeral. His bravery attracted national attention and some of his favourite celebrities, including Paul Hollywood, Pauline Quirk and Linda Robson came to meet him.
Deryn was actually looking forward to dying and considered it his next adventure. But one night, he woke up in the early hours of the morning, sobbing. After staying so strong for so long, he was begging for me to end it all.
‘I don’t want any more morphine, Mum. It makes me feel like I’m not here,’ he cried.
I was sitting next to him, a nightly vigil, and held his hand. Once again, the situation seemed quite desperate. What would happen, I wondered, if I gave Deryn a small amount of golden cannabis tincture directly in his mouth? The vaporiser had brought him some relief but could a higher dose have better results?
I took a small, empty syringe from the medicine cupboard in the hospice and quickly checked that there was no one outside. It was New Year’s Eve so staff levels were minimal. I drew up 5ml of the honey-like substance, which had a sweet, floral flavour.
Still sobbing uncontrollably, Deryn opened his mouth and I popped the syringe underneath his tongue. Deryn held it for a minute before swallowing. Half an hour passed. He was no longer having a panic attack. He looked peaceful. I asked him how he was feeling.
‘I feel relaxed,’ he told me. ‘I’m aware of everything. I just feel at peace, Mum. It’s beautiful.’
Moments later, the nurse came back in with his dose of cyclizine, the powerful anti-sickness drug to which Deryn had grown addicted.
I panicked. There was no way he would turn that drug away and I was worried about the effect the cannabis tincture could have on it. Then I heard Deryn tell the nurse he didn’t want it. She was flabbergasted. Everyone knew how much he relied on it to help him.

Amazing... but this could be a one-off 

By Dr Ellie Cannon, MoS Resident GP
It is baffling to hear about Deryn’s story. Any parent in Callie’s situation would have felt the desperation she felt and compulsion to help her son who was suffering so badly.
Families do turn to alternative therapies, internet-based solutions and even outlandish claims that could help their child become pain-free and survive. At the end of life particularly, it is understandable to feel that conventional medicine may have failed and look elsewhere.
This truly sounds like a miracle story: remission of cancer spontaneously is not a common occurrence. But I would be cautious for anyone to conclude that cannabis cured Deryn’s cancer or his infection.
This is a true anecdote, and, admittedly, an astounding one, that happened involving one patient and therefore does not prove anything scientifically. Until the results are repeated in numerous patients, it could simply be the case that the use of cannabis coincided with the natural progression of his disease. I would warn others against trying anything similar.
‘I don’t feel like I need it any more, thanks,’ he said, before rolling over and going to sleep.
Over the coming days, my priority was allowing him to die with his faculties intact, so whenever Deryn felt a twinge somewhere, I would put another 5ml of the tincture underneath his tongue and, within a few minutes, he felt good again.
Deryn’s mouth, fingers, stomach, gums, tongue, hips, knees, legs and back had been constantly painful for as long as I could remember, so this was nothing short of fantastic.
One evening, I heard Deryn yell: ‘Mum – look!’ The bandage on his middle finger had worked its way loose and completely come off, showing his third finger – which had been blackened and dead – had now healed. How on earth had a child with no immune system and no way of fighting infection managed to heal himself after being off medication for more than three weeks?
I called Deryn’s team to tell them what had happened. Not one of them could give me any answers.
We knew his bone marrow wasn’t functioning and it was not scientifically possible for his wounds to heal. Deryn had spent months in isolation because a common cold could be fatal – yet, somehow, he had overcome three catastrophic infections.
Hundreds of people had been praying for Deryn, blessing him in their own ways. Was this a miracle?
Later that evening, the hospice doctor arrived. ‘We’re no longer sure Deryn is dying,’ she admitted.
The doctors were not sure whether or not the hospice was now the best place for us.
When we’d arrived four weeks earlier, he’d been given three days to live. Now here he was a month later, in far better health than when he’d left his hospital room. They had no idea how this was possible.
Then it dawned on me. Only one thing had changed since Deryn started to recover: the cannabis tincture. I couldn’t tell the doctors what we’d done.
I was sure the authorities wouldn’t see it the same way as we did but if there was even a minuscule chance that the cannabis tincture was responsible for my son still being alive, I wasn’t willing to risk stopping it.
Deryn, centre right, with his parents and brother Dylan in 2013
Deryn, centre right, with his parents and brother Dylan in 2013
I wanted to tell the world, share it with everyone, including the doctors so that they could help others, but I knew it was too dangerous to breathe a word to anyone in a position of authority.
Yet there was a direct correlation between Deryn having the cannabis tincture and his improved blood counts. Whenever he didn’t have it, they dropped. It was enough hard evidence to suggest that cannabis tincture was playing a vital role in his recovery. I hadn’t imagined in my wildest dreams that it could have saved Deryn’s life.
Since then, Deryn has gone from strength to strength. His unique story has led to me being contacted every week by parents who are desperate for a miracle similar to the one we were granted.
I have trusted many of them with the truth and pointed people towards the same path we took. Deryn went back to school in Norfolk where he thrived among his friends and peer group and, following just nine months of schooling in the space of four years, he left in June 2016 with seven GCSEs.
Now 17, his weight is no longer a problem and he has decided to pursue a career as a vegan chef.
That irony is not lost on us, but maybe years of eating bland hospital food gave him a passion for more flavoursome and exotic dishes. He’s good at creating them too.
As each day passes, the prospect of cancer returning decreases.
I’ll probably never be totally free of that fear, and if he so much as coughs my hair stands up on end.
I am reminded of my miracle boy every time I look at Deryn and I know deep in my heart that whatever the future may throw at us, we can cope.
We always do.
© Callie Blackwell, 2017
Extracted from The Boy In 7 Billion, by Callie Blackwell with Karen Hockney. It is published on April 6 by Mirror Books, priced £12.99. Offer price £9.74 (25 per cent discount) until April 2. Pre-order at www.mailbookshop.co.uk or call 0844 571 0640 – p&p is free on orders over £15.